Testosterone Undecanoate Profile

Testosterone undecanoate is ester version of its parent hormone, Testosterone. Apparently, it is a safe and oral alternative to testosterones available in markets which many athletes use. This is both good and bad for its users. Since it is an oral alterative to the painful injections, its effects are quite mild in comparison to the injection which quickly gets in the blood. In addition to this, this drug must be taken in high quantity to see its effects.

The biggest advantage of using testosterone undecanoate is that it has decreased the need to get through the liver in order to see its effects due to the fact that it can now get absorbed from the small intestines. It does not place more stress on the liver because of its elevated fat solubility in addition to being mixed with oil.

As with its parent hormone being injected into the system, testosterone undecanoate is also used for increasing protein absorption in the body as well as getting lean mass on the muscles.  It increases aggression in the individuals which enables them to work out and play well. Furthermore, getting more testosterone in the body also enables high libido.

For its medicinal use, Testosterone undecanoate is renown in helping erectile dysfunction as well as in males having low levels of testosterone. It is also used for a no. of other diseases, including hypogoanism and for the treatment in survivors of testicular cancer.

With testosterone undecanoate, the drug entering the users body is very much dependant on the body’s ability to absorb this drug in the blood. It may very well vary from person to person. Without blood tests, it’s hard to tell how much testosterone is actually getting in the body. It is a guessing game at best and this is one of the primary reasons why it has not completely replaced the injectable compounds.

This drug is available in capsule form each containing 40 mgs of the substance which has castor oil, oleic acid, and propylene glycol. Since the compound contains so many other things, it leaves very little of the pure testosterone when the extra weight is subtracted. This results in the compound being very less effective with about only 25 mgs of testosterone. Considering that only about 25 mg of actual testosterone enters the person’s body, multiple capsules need to be used at once. The life of testosterone undecanoate is 8 to 12 hrs with its peak effects seen after about two hours of taking it. Most of the users recommend these capsules 3 to 4 hours before they actually want the effects to take place.

The recommended dosage for testosterone undecanoate varies from 10 to 15 capsules per day. For greater absorption and effects, it should best be taken with meals every few 3 – 4 hours.  Taking it with meals is due to the fact that it would get a good environment to get absorbed with bile and other such gastrointestinal secretions. Though the doses need to be administered so frequently that eating with meals might not always be possible.

This drug may be stacked with other drugs but stacking it might increase its ill effects in sense that every steroid has its own particular side effects meaning injecting a cocktail of substances in a person’s body will yield multiple uses and likewise multiple side effects. Caution should be exercised when using with other strong substances.

Since Testosterone undecanoate is rather safe its side effects are also rather mild, even for women users. Testosterone undecanoate is a rather expensive drug which makes it quite hard on the medium budgets athletes and bodybuilders.

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