Side Effects of Testosterone Undecanoate

Testosterone Undecanoate is an oral steroid modified to pass liver easily. Since it stays in small intestine it is least toxic to the liver and these two properties of being taken orally and less liver toxicity makes it a favorite steroid among body builders and athletes. By taking it orally users get freed from taking injections all the time and hence keep themselves away from the pain as well as associated hygiene issues.

Like all other drugs, testosterone undecanoate also has its side effects some of which are more pronounced than others. Depending upon the use of this drug the side effects show themselves and definitely if large dosages of this drug are taken for longer periods the side effects could be worse.

Temporary Side Effects

Human body takes some time to adjust and when it comes to inducing something into the body from outside source the body takes some time to adjust to it. Similarly when we take drugs it takes time for our bodies to accept and during that time period we face certain temporary side effects. Upon using testosterone undecanoate the user may feel headache, acne, and stomach upsets which are temporary and will vanish as soon as the body gets used to the drug. If these signs persist, the users need to see the doctor as soon as possible.

Even in case of temporary side effects, users are recommended to see the doctor so as to avoid aggravating the situation. Some users may also feel skin rashes, muscle aches, swelling hands or feet and dark urine which should also be consulted with the doctor. Some users have also reported yellowing eyes and skin after using testosterone undecanoate and this also calls for seeing a doctor.

Permanent Side Effects

Testosterone undecanoate is a powerful drug and abusing it may result in severe side effects for the user. Taking a dose more than recommended for your body or taking this drug for prolonged periods may also lead you to the way of side effects.

Some of the permanent side effects of this drug are sleeplessness and insomnia; since testosterone undecanoate is known to increase aggression in its users this may cause restlessness. Both genders may feel change in sex drive and increased and frequent need to urinate. Some users may also feel depressed upon using testosterone undecanoate. In any case, if the side effects are too intense to handle this means the drug usage needs to be stopped immediately.

Males may experience gynocomastia which is the worst when it comes to the users’ self esteem. With large breasts like females, males are only left with one option – surgery. Males may also experience frequent erections and that too for increased durations hence it could be irritating.

Female users may experience virilization which is a sign they are losing their femininity to male traits like deep voice and facial and body hair which ultimately leads them to disturbed menstrual cycles and in severe cases complete stoppage of menstruation which ultimately lead them to infertility.

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