Testosterone Undecanoate


Testosterone Undecanoate is an orally administered testosterone and is one of the few oral forms of testosterone that can be found. Commonly sold under the name Andriol, Nebido, Restandol among others, Testosterone Undecanoate was the solutions to Methyltestosterone’s harsh effect on the liver of the user. Testosterone Undecanoate is a long ester based testosterone as it has the Undecanoate ester attached, one of the longest esters used in anabolic steroid manufacturing.

Men and women all have testosterone in their systems naturally. The natural testosterone production in men is higher than the production in women. This is the hormone responsible for the formation of secondary sexual characteristics in men. This steroid does not have any effect on the LH and FSH (Luteinizing Hormone and Follicle Stimulating Hormone) hormones in women hence there is no effect on the levels of testosterone. One of the most celebrated characteristics of Testosterone Undecanoate is that it does not have any side effects on the liver even with constant use. It has been made specially to bypass the liver so that it does not damage the liver by overworking it.

For any capsule of Testosterone Undecanoate you will benefit from 25mg of testosterone for your system, which is not much for anyone who realistically wants to build muscles and have a lot of strength. So, you will need to increase the intake of Testosterone Undecanoate if you want to benefit from it. It stays in the body for more than 10 hours and the effects of taking the capsule will be felt in 2 hours after taking it. You need therefore to take a capsule once in two hours. This means that you will be taking 8 capsules in a day. Be careful about taking the two hours too literally such that you take them all through your sleeping hours. Testosterone peak levels may cause you to lose sleep and become restless at night. Take them once in two hours for the hours that you will be awake and most active. This is a very expensive drug that taking one in two hours may be too much for many. Anything less than 7-8 capsules per day will be ineffective and this brings a huge dilemma to many users.

Testosterone Undecanoate has the effects of cutting the mass of fat from your body. You will instead gain muscle. It has been known to deal well with erectile dysfunction in male users. The weight gained from Testosterone Undecanoate is very slow, therefore is not attractive for the hyped first time users of steroids. Besides, it is too expensive for most of them. This is a steroid that has no side effects even when taken for a long period of time. It has to be used for 12 weeks to complete a cycle (and save your wallet) this steroid has the disadvantage of not being constant; since users report a surge in testosterone and energy in one day and a drop in the next day.

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