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Testosterone Undecanoate, also known as Andriol, is a testosterone based steroid which makes it produce similar effects as produced by any other testosterone steroid in more or less same intensity. This is an oral steroid taken in the form of capsules and is made so to prevent it from being damaged by the liver. This is the reason it is less toxic to the liver as compared to other steroids which might be injected or are not modified to prevent liver damage. The property that it is taken orally is what inclines many users to buy testosterone undecanoate since it helps them avoid not only the painful injections but also the liver damage.

For those who wish to buy testosterone undecanoate, youmust know the side effects caused by this drug. Being a testosterone based steroid it causes the side effects similar to what one can expect from using testosterone. Gynecomastia and virilization are there with this steroid and males should watch out for bitch tits and females should look for male secondary characteristics. Dosages should be regularly monitored in order to avoid the said side effects. Other than side effects caused by aromatization there is acne, decrease in libido, anxiety, insomnia, aggression and stomach upsets among others.  

Reasons People Buy Testosterone Undecanoate

Other than it is taken orally and is not liver toxic, people buy testosterone undecanoate for medical reasons too. Since this steroid is used to treat certain types of breast cancers patients of cancers buy testosterone undecanoate as a prescribed drug. Other than breast cancers testosterone undecanoate is also used to treat boys who are late to reach puberty or males who are unable to produce sufficient testosterone hormone of their own.

This is also a popular drug among body building circles and people buy testosterone undecanoate to build their bodies and have muscles that can help them perform better in their sports. However, since this is a strong drug one must make sure its usage under the supervision of a doctor so as to gain maximum benefits and avoid its side effects as much as possible.

Buying Testosterone Undecanoate Online

Being a strong drug it is almost impossible to get hands on it without a prescription and since body builders generally don’t use this drug for medical reasons they do not have prescriptions. Black market is a way to buy testosterone undecanoate but that should be avoided if you are looking for quality. It is not worthy to spend money and get something which is not worth it.

To buy testosterone undecanoate one should never compromise quality because it is not only an expensive drug but is also a dangerous one which will cause you lose more than you gain if you do not ensure quality. There is only one way you can access quality steroids and that too without a prescription and that is the internet. Reading reviews of other users about a specific dealer will help you decide whether you should choose that supplier or not and will also help you know others experiences with the drug.

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